The Glamorganshire Canal

Our History…

To the rear of the Bunch is the only remaining double-lock system from the Glamorganshire canal, this impressive industrial superhighway of the late nineteenth century was a vital link for the steel and coal industry between Cardiff and Merthyr, long since buried under the A470 only small sections remain. The Pontypridd canal conservation group has been beavering away for the last few years trying to uncover and restore a vital piece of local history. The Bunch has been committed to helping whenever possible as the Bunch‘s history has always been linked to the canal and the Brown Lennox Chainworks. A selection of authentic photographs from this era is on display in the Bunch courtesy of RCT and Aberdare Library.

The society are always looking for volunteers to help them and the Bunch stages occasional charity days to help, if you feel the urge to rescue a set of canal locks and secure a piece of local history, please let us know and we will pass your info on.