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To be honest, we wanted to supply drinks that we enjoy drinking, drinks that keep us coming back for more, drinks that are not always easy to find.

So often outlets that claim to be passionate about locally sourced foods neglect the drinks offering, yes the wine lists are ok but ask for a locally sourced beer or spirit??? they are found woefully lacking, main stream brands and corporate fizz… job half done!

At the Bunch we put as much effort into our drinks menus as our food menus, working with local breweries, we always have eight cask ales available all from small independent brewers, we even have a brewery of our own, “Otley Brewing Co” that leads our line up and we support local welsh cider makers with two Welsh ciders available on hand pull, always changing.

But it doesn’t stop there, we have sourced some of the UK’s leading artisan distillers to bring you niche hard to find gins, whiskies, rums and brandies all matched with mixers and cordials from the corners of the UK.

We work hard to bring you something special all the time and no matter how many times you come to visit, we are always changing the line up, bringing new products to the bar for you to sample and enjoy.

Oh yes, we also have an extensive wine list as you would expect, all picked with the same passion and care as the beers and spirits, old world and new world wines side by side something for everyone. Nothing is ever half done.

Cask Ales, Beers & Ciders

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