Cask Ales, Ciders and Craft Beers

Our Tipple…

At the Bunch we pride ourselves on offering a strong selection of Cask Ales from across the UK, kept well and served properly, xx times CAMRA pub of the year stands testament to our hard work.

Our TEN hand pumps, eight of beer and two of cider are testament to our commitment to bring choice and provide an authentic taste of the styles and strengths of beers available across the UK today. Micro brewing in the UK is experiencing a boom right now and some amazing new beers are making it through to the pumps in pubs up and down the land, some of the very best make it to the Bunch.

Beers from our very own award winning brewery, Otley Brewing Co, feature with O2 Croeso being our only permanent beer with a further three Otley beers in rotation alongside. The other beers we are constantly changing and sourcing from all parts of the UK and some of our favourites have been from breweries such as: Dark Star, Crouch Vale, Salopian, Bristol Beer Factory, Oakham and Redemption to name a few.

Ciders and Perry are predominantly sourced from Welsh cider producers with the odd guest appearance from one from across the borders but they all have one thing in common, natural cider, produced from the juice of freshly squeezed apples and pears, no concentrates and full of natural flavours.

Craft keg has been a long time coming but it is a growing part of the craft beer scene and we have been working heard here too, with four rotating craft keg taps, two featuring Otley beers and two bringing in other beers from the UK, Europe and America.

Fancy something a little bit more niche? our fridge features various continental, UK craft and American imported beers some small batch and limited edition, big flavours, high percentages and a world of discovery, there really is a beer to suit all tastes.